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Blockbuster is a full-feature, off-the-shelf grade control solution which manages daily updates to resource models and mine plans. Blockbuster provides rapid, expert evaluation of data generated from drilling, logging and geological mapping. Add-on modules for mining software enable high-level customisation to achieve site-specific goals.

Blockbuster ensures that selective mining decisions in the production environment are backed up by best-practice processing of geological and assay inputs. Repetitive processes are programmed to improve speed and security. Blockbuster minimises processing time to allow more time for analysis.


  • Highly flexible, generic system, which is configurable by the client; the common core gives a degree of standardisation but the system is customisable to cater for the unique aspects of each operation.
  • All parameters are stored in a secure, central database with standalone modules for database management and reporting.
  • Key product is updated frequently and in response to constant feedback from clients.
  • Seamless integration with external databases – drillhole or dispatch systems.
  • System is installed and configured in a fraction of the time taken for development of site-specific.

BLOCKBUSTER MANAGER is the front-end to Bloy’s generic relational database, and a standalone interface to all parameters. This allows for great flexibility in configuration. Manager includes full audit trail functionality where parameters are subject to the same quality control as data.

BLOCKBUSTER SCRIPTER provides a customised front-end to all production resource evaluation routines. Intuitive step-by-step menus lead the user through the full Grade Control process, from Drill Planning to Block Modelling, Mining Design and Reconciliations. With key results stored in a relational database, all information is securely managed in a multi-user environment. Scripter is dynamic and automatically synchronised with Bloy’s servers. Currently the system is configured to run in CAE Mining’s Datamine Studio.

BLOCKBUSTER REPORTER is a standalone query interface to all production data, including reconciliation history. Reconciliation and production reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF format.



• Flexible – attributes can easily be added, and cascade through the system
• Dynamic – client feedback drives development; easily reconfigured to adapt to changing requirements


• Ease of use – intuitive interface means taking the guesswork out of procedures to ensure reliability of data
• 24/7 support – unlimited access to expert team helping you in day-to-day operations
• Promotes self-enablement – decreases dependence on high-level Technical Consultants


• Expert advice from Bloy – more than 15 years experience in Grade Control Solutions guarantees professional and reliable service
• Auditable – progressive updates allow each data unit to be verified and flagged with processing details
• Peace of mind – reliable data guarantees high standard in mining operations

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